Dec 13, 2023 | News

The Chief of Staff of the Third Zone, Navy Commander Jorge Gutiérrez Acevedo, extended a cordial invitation to the board of the Antarctic Logistic Operators Guild Association (APAL) to participate in an informative meeting with the purpose of introducing the new Commander of the Third Zone, Commodore Jorge Castillo Fuentes.
The aforementioned meeting took place on December 5, 2023, at the facilities of the Third Naval Zone in Punta Arenas.
This gathering provided a valuable opportunity to present the Magallanes Companies, which make up APAL, and are dedicated to sectors such as transportation, tourism, logistics, and maritime agency. During the session, the logistical advancements achieved by the association were presented.
Through a detailed presentation, the integral role played by APAL members in Antarctic development worldwide through Chile was highlighted. From air transportation to Antarctic cruises, from logistics to supply, and from exploration to the generation of scientific knowledge, the relevance of APAL’s contribution in these areas was emphasized.
It should be noted that the fundamental purpose of our guild association is to raise visibility for the Antarctic logistics sector, highlighting the services provided, its influence on the geopolitical position of Magallanes as a gateway to Antarctica, and presenting constructive proposals to the competent authorities.
At the conclusion of the meeting, both the Command of the Third Zone and the members of APAL expressed their satisfaction with the direction and dynamics of the meeting, highlighting the mutual understanding and collaborative perspective outlined for the future.

APAL 2024 | reunion tercera zona naval APAL

The following people attended the meeting(From left to right):
Frigate Captain Carlos Palavecino, Logistics Department Chief,Ariel Bravo Carrasco, Vice President of APAL, Carmen Patiño Pino, APAL Manager, Commodore Jorge Castillo Fuentes, Commander of the Third Naval Zone, Tania Pivcevic Cortese, President of the APAL Board, María Eugenia Vidal Messing, Head of the Supply Department of the Third Naval Zone (in the top image), Navy Commander Jorge Gutiérrez Acevedo, Chief of Staff of the Third Naval Zone, Nicolás Paulsen B., Executive Director of APAL, Enrique Le Dantec B., APAL Secretary

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