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Outstanding services And a reliable alternative.

With 99 years of experience in fishing
vessels supply, logistic and touristic supply,
and more than 20 years assisting Antarctic
Campaigns from the Magallanes region.
Galicia Shipping is a reliable, efficient
and effective alternative when it comes
to planning and developing an Antarctic
We have 14,000 m2 of storage warehouses,
2500 m2 of refrigerators and 1300 m2 of
We also own 67 transport units like trucks
and vans adapted for all procedures of
purchase, preparation, delivery, loading and
unloading of products and materials.
Our staff is highly qualified in the
development of packing lists, packaging
systems and the expertise that gives us
the experience of having carried out more
than 50 Antarctic campaigns for the most
diverse countries in the world, with 100%

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