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Bringing logistics To a whole new level.

AGUNSA is a Chilean Company founded in 1960, with offices in all Chilean ports and in South America, by Pacific and Atlantic side, giving ship agency services, logistics and bunkering. It has offices also in Puerto Williams, Puerto Natales and Tierra del Fuego Island.

AGUNSA are Ship agents and experts in Logistics such as transportation, storage, aircrafts handling, customs procedures, handling of scientific samples, administration and operation of ports and airports.
Huge experience in:
• Handling for Antarctic programs and research,
• Purchases,
• Storage of general cargo,
• Chilled cargo,
• Frozen cargo,
• Handling samples with dry ice, LN2, gel ice, thermosafes, dry shippers,
• Handling cargoes free of taxes,
• Rent and sale of scientific equipment as per request,
• Clothing management,
• Import and exports free of taxes.

Staff speaks foreign languages such as Spanish, English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, etc; our personnel has visited and seen on site our customer needs in the Antarctic Peninsula.
Agunsa also sales Antarctic diesel, maintenance and repairs for generators and engines.

Administration and operator for Antarctic programs and scientific operations with over 25 years
of experience. Some of our customers are NASA, Woodshole Oceanographic Institute, NOAA,
NSF, KOPRI, CSIC UTM, KENN BOREK, BAS, Ukraine, RUSIA, ALCI, ALE, universities and research

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