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Whether it’s logistics, seaway cargo transport, air freight
or something else, APAL is the go-to solution.

The partners you need at world's end.

Working to strengthen the Antarctic sector.

Apal, alongside Chilean goverment aim at becoming an strategic partner in all things antarctica, providing support and specialized services for scientific, touristic, and other Antarctic related organizations.
Currently we offer a wide array of services, such as:

APAL 2024 | logistics
Air and seaway freight and passenger transport
APAL 2024 | container ship
Ship provision
APAL 2024 | delivery
Antarctic Logistics
APAL 2024 | cargo
Port agency
APAL 2022 antarctic punta arenas logistics
avion DAP - APAL 2022
They make it possible.
None of this would happen if it weren’t for these companies. Decades of experience, international recognition, providing services no one else in the world can.
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Sea and Air logistics

Almost 30 years operating in Antarctica, we offer all kind of logistic services by air and sea:

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tour Operator

Enjoy small ship experiences that allow you time to explore our remote destinations.

logo Epaustral regular
Port Terminal

Chilean state owned terminal managing the southernmost region of Chile port terminals.

Terminal Operator
APAL 2024 | logo insua negro

Efficient and effective alternative when it comes to planning and developing an Antarctic campaign.

APAL 2024 | logo agunsa trojo apal 22
Ship Agents

Ship agents and experts in Logistics such as transportation, storage, aircrafts handling, among other things.

APAL 2024 | logo ultramar
Maritime Agent

maritime agency and logistics operator present in all Chilean ports with a large infrastructure and a high-level team.

Ship Agency & Logistics
APAL 2024 | ian taylor logo

Logistics Solutions business group that offers the maritime market port agency services.

Ship Agency & Logistics
APAL 2024 | shackleton isotipo

Logistics Solutions


Independent shipping company with vast Latin American experience.

Ship Agency
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