DAP is providing logistical support to Antarctic programs of a dozen countries.

Jan 16, 2023 | News

This summer, DAP is providing air and maritime logistical support to Antarctic programs of a dozen countries, including Chile, South Korea, Portugal, China, Turkey, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Spain.

In this way, the Magallanes-based company (the world’s leading operator of commercial flights to Antarctica) began to resume pre-pandemic levels of operation regarding logistical support related to Antarctic programs, one of the main focuses of the company’s operations in the white continent.

In its 42 years of history, the Chilean company (headquartered in Punta Arenas) has 33 years of flights to Antarctica. During the season (from November to March) DAP mainly operates three types of Antarctic flights: charter of aircraft (transportation of passengers by plane to the frozen continent, where they board an expedition ship), logistics and support for Antarctic programs of different countries, and aeromedical evacuations from Antarctica to Punta Arenas.

Nicolas Paulsen, DAP’s Charter Manager, said that the air bridge between Magallanes and Antarctica offered by the company is not only a regional asset but also national and international. “This air bridge is used by Antarctic logistics and Antarctic programs of different countries. This connection implies not only comparative advantages for Chile but also competitive advantages, as the volume of operations translates into economic feasibility for many countries,” he explained, adding that as this air bridge is consolidated even more, it will continue to provide solutions to private and public industries from Chile “always with the care of the environment as one of the main focuses.”

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