Sep 10, 2023 | News

On Thursday, September 7, 2023, a meeting took place with the participation of the Governor of the Magallanes Region, Mr. Jorge Flies Añon, together with the board of the Antarctic Operators Association (APAL) and its manager.

During this meeting, gratitude was expressed to the Governor for his valuable collaboration in the development of the seminar titled “Magallanes Antarctic Region, Present and Future,” which took place in April. This event received a highly positive response from the participants, demonstrating its relevance and success.
During the meeting, the APAL board expressed their interest and willingness to explore the possibility of establishing a Regional Search and Rescue Office in the region. To illustrate this initiative, reference was made to the Australian model, where a similar entity is led by the Navy, operating in effective collaboration between the public and private sectors. It was highlighted that currently, the search and rescue system in Chile is limited to a telephone number located in the Navy facilities in Santiago. In this context, this coordination platform was proposed with the aim of improving management, optimizing resources, and ensuring a more efficient approach.

APAL emphasized that these actions significantly contribute to projecting an image of organization and coordination to the international Antarctic community, thereby strengthening the region’s commitment to this important field.

During the meeting, the Governor proposed inviting the Armed Forces to participate in the development of an Antarctic Emergency Protocol and the creation of an Antarctic Emergency Committee. The ambitious goal was set to have this protocol ready for launch during Antarctica Day in November.

In addition to these topics, the issue of fostering an Antarctic identity among the population of Magallanes was addressed. One of the steps to be taken in this direction relates to the city’s architectural planning, and in this context, the members of APAL were provided with the “Architectural Design and Ethnic Public Infrastructure Guide for the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Region.”

Finally, as publicly known, the Governor indicated that he has secured a budget for the region’s Extreme Zone Plan for the next ten years. This achievement will allow for the consideration of previously unfunded projects and ensure their continuity. The mentioned projects include the International Antarctic Center (CAI), airport expansion, and the bidding for the “Antarctic cable” project, among others.

Below are some images from the meeting to illustrate the key moments of this important gathering.

APAL 2024 | noticia gobernador 2
APAL 2024 | noticia gobernador 3
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