Meeting of APAL with the Presidential Delegate of Magallanes

Aug 17, 2023 | News

On August 16, 2023, an informative meeting took place between the professional association Antartic Punta Arenas Logistic (APAL) and the Presidential Delegate of Magallanes, Mr. José Antonio Ruiz Pivcevic. The meeting was held at La Casa de los Intendentes facilities.

The central purpose of this meeting was to present to the Presidential Delegate the relevance and nature of the APAL association, which was established in 2018 with the aim of bringing together Magallanes-based companies involved in air transportation, tourism, logistics, and maritime agency services related to Antarctica.

Within the framework of the strategy to strengthen Chile’s Antarctic presence, APAL has played a fundamental role in supporting both national and international operations in the white continent. Through this active collaboration, the association has contributed to enhancing Chile’s presence in the Antarctic region, creating new opportunities for business, job creation, and the promotion of ventures associated with this area.

During the meeting, the strategic pillars outlined by APAL A.G. to enhance the significant growth potential inherent in Antarctic activities were presented to the Presidential Delegate. Likewise, the limitations that have hindered progress in the geopolitical, economic, and social aspects of Chile regarding this issue were identified.

The imperative need for close collaboration between governmental entities and APAL to continue successfully developing Antarctic activities was emphasized to the Presidential Delegate. In this context, the importance of establishing a direct channel of communication between the public and private sectors was shared, facilitating decision-making at the local level in certain protocols and expediting contingency resolution.

At the conclusion of the meeting, both the Presidential Delegate and the members of APAL expressed their satisfaction with the direction and dynamics of the meeting, highlighting the shared understanding and collaborative perspective outlined for the future.

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Opening Photo: Nicolas Paulsen, Executive Director; Carmen Patiño P, APAL Manager; José Antonio Ruiz Pivcevic, Presidential Delegate; Verónica Peragallo, Director of Finance; Ariel Bravo, Vice President; and Jorge Duran, representative of Chile Ships Service.

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