Visit to MN Betanzos

Jul 31, 2023 | News

On Saturday, July 29th, a distinguished group of members belonging to the Professional Association of Antarctic Operators (APAL) had the honor of visiting the MN Betanzos. This enriching encounter was made possible thanks to the kind invitation extended by DAP Mares company.

The Betanzos vessel is a high-strength ship capable of navigating the coldest seas of the Antarctic territory and meeting a wide range of needs in the white continent.

Grupo DAP has carried out an admirable transformation of the fishing vessel Betanzos, turning it into a crucial support vessel for scientific development in the Antarctic region. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and enriched with high-end resources, this ship stands as a fundamental pillar in fostering research and studies in the territory. Additionally, its highly experienced crew in Antarctic waters and the Chilean territorial domain brings invaluable knowledge to this enterprise.

During the day, APAL members had the pleasant opportunity to take a guided tour that covered all areas and sections of the vessel, including the passenger area, the bridge, and the engine room, among other spaces. This experience allowed our members to gain a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the vessel’s functioning and equipment.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the generous invitation extended, as well as for the enriching experience provided during the tour of the MN Betanzos facilities.

Below, we share some images captured during the visit:

APAL 2024 | betanzos 3
APAL 2024 | betanzos 4
APAL 2024 | betanzos 2
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