Jun 5, 2023 | News

On Thursday, June 1st, the seminar “Magallanes Antarctic Region, Present and Future” was held, organized by APAL (Antarctic Punta Arenas Logistics), the Regional Government, and the University of Magallanes.

The event was attended by various regional authorities, led by Governor Jorge Flies, who spoke about “The New International Antarctic Center.” Additionally, Tania Pivcevic, president of APAL, and the rector of the University of Magallanes, José Maripani, among other attendees, were present.

During the seminar, which took place in the Ernesto Livacic auditorium at the University of Magallanes, there were other presentations on various topics related to Antarctica: “Airport Infrastructure in Magallanes,” “The New Route between Punta Arenas and the Antarctic Peninsula,” “Productive Transformation of Food R&D for Antarctic Supply and HORECA in Magallanes,” “New Port in the Antarctic Province,” “Private Presence in Antarctica, Development of Antarctic Logistics,” “Antarctic Education, Past and Present,” “Contribution of Antarctic Science to Climate Change,” and “University of Magallanes, Antarctic Research and Teaching Hub.”

APAL was established in 2018 as a trade association for companies based in Magallanes that engage in productive activities in Antarctica (transportation, tourism, logistics, and agency services) with the aim of contributing to public and private collaboration on the Antarctic continent through associativity, transforming the region’s comparative advantages into competitive ones.

Currently, APAL consists of ten companies: Aerovías DAP, Chile Chips, DAP Mares, Agunsa, Ultramar, ULOG Soluciones Logísticas Integrales, Empresa Portuaria Austral, Antartica XXI, Ian Taylor, and Shackleton’s Way.

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